Magazine | August 10, 2009, Issue

City of New Haven, Ct., Firefighters Exam

Please answer the questions in each section before going on to the next section. Use black or blue-black ink. Questions that are not answered or are answered illegibly will be given a score of zero.


Please answer the following questions by circling the correct letter.

1. One way to estimate the interior temperature of a burning building is a) the color and height of the flames; b) the buckling along the building frame; c) intact or exploded windows; d) all of the above.

2. Which mechanism is not a way to transfer heat? a) fusible ink; b) radiation; c) convection; d) conduction.

3. Which of the following is not a program on National Public Radio? a) Weekend Edition; b) All Things Considered; c) Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!; d) Our Amazing Cats.

4. Type III building construction is a) fire-resistive; b) non-combustible or limited combustible; c) ordinary; d) heavy timber.

5. Perry Como’s hit single “A House Is Not a Home” was recorded in a) 1960; b) 1954; c) 1964; d) 1968.

6. On fire extinguishers, which symbol represents combustible metals or Class D fuels? a) star; b) square; c) triangle; d) circle.

7. At 212 degrees F, water expands to approximately how many times its original volume? a) 1,700; b) 1,200; c) 1,000; d) 800.

8. One way to achieve good, healthy cardiovascular exercise is a) sitting on a stoop all day; b) playing loud music; c) arguing with relatives; d) apple picking.

9. In automobiles, what does the acronym SIPS stand for? a) side impact pressure system; b) side impact protection system; c) supplemental inverted pressure switch; d) side impact pressure switch.

10. Captain Kirk, in the Star Trek episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” is forced to become a) a Vulcan; b) a gladiator; c) a gangster in 1920s Chicago; d) a tribble.

11. Type I building construction is a) wood frame; b) heavy timber; c) non-combustible or limited combustible; d) fire resistive.

12. What is the square footage of a building that is 330’ x 143’? a) 36,000; b) 42,130; c) 45,790; d) 47,190.

13. A firefighter always searches under the beds and in the closets of a burning home because a) electrical panels are often in closets; b) these places often contain smoldering items; c) kids will often use these places to hide from a fire; d) closets on exterior walls can provide easy entry points from outside.

14. The best way to friend someone on Facebook is a) first poke them, then wait; b) SuperPoke!; c) politely send them a message; d) wait for the “People You May Know” algorithm to kick in.

15. The three most common types of calls are brush fires, car wrecks, and a) mutual aid; b) house fires; c) false alarms; d) medical calls.

16. Which of the following is not an iPhone app: a) TwitterFon; b) NetNewsWire; c) Zembe; d) Listeria.

17. Which of the following parts is not found on a fire-service ladder? a) rope; b) pulley; c) halyard; d) ream.

18. White Burgundies older than five years a) are usually past their prime; b) still show surprising grapefruit and melon notes; c) often have been stored improperly; d) all of the above.

19. Supertitles at an opera are a) distracting; b) controversial; c) often useful if unobtrusive; d) not in keeping with the composer’s vision.

20. It is a) never; b) rarely; c) always; d) sometimes appropriate to talk back to the screen during a movie.


Please circle T or F to indicate your answer.

T   F    Golf memorabilia are among the most inflammable collectibles.

T   F    A family with duck-print artworks usually has a Labrador Retriever.

T   F    Antifreeze spillage must be mitigated at an MVC.

T   F    Carole King’s best album was Tapestry.

T   F    In 1921, Harvard beat Yale by three touchdowns.

T   F    When firing your broker, the most polite method is to do it over lunch.

T   F    Hacky Sack is a more elegant sport than Ultimate.


Please use the space provided to write a short, clear essay answering ONE (1) of the following questions.

1. What is your earliest memory of the lacrosse team?

2. Which Tudor monarch most closely resembles one of your parents?

3. Describe your love for non-rhythmic music played at very low volume.


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