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(Roman Genn)
In which the government's tentacles chock health-care consumers

A  few years ago, while vacationing in New Hampshire, I stopped in one of its state-owned liquor stores to buy kosher wine for the upcoming Jewish holidays. I could not find any. But right across the state line, a privately owned Massachusetts liquor store that served the same communities had lots of choices.

Are the people who run the New Hampshire liquor stores prejudiced? No. They are bureaucrats. The difference between a bureaucrat and a retailer is profound: Retailers maximize profit by giving people better value for the money. A McKinsey Global Institute study credited retailing with 34 percent of the …

Regina E. Herzlinger, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is the author of Who Killed Health Care?

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Of course Obama hasn’t read the health-care bill — he’s probably still working his way through the stimulus.


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