Magazine August 24, 2009, Issue

Three Strikes

An electrocardiogram on a patient in the hallway of the emergency room at Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston, Texas, July 27, 2009. (Jessica Rina/Reuters)
The Democrats' health-reform problem begin with the questions Democrats ask

How can Washington have spent so much time debating health care and still have failed to come up with a reasonable reform? By starting from the wrong premises. There are three basic questions to be asked about the design of any health-care system. If you answer these questions the right way, the path to reform is rather easy and straightforward. But if you answer even one question the wrong way, you will get caught up in a cycle of complexity — with fix upon fix, each trying to patch up the problems created by the previous one.

Hint: Right answers are …

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The answer to uncompensated care is to collect from free riders as much as possible, and write off the balance as the price of living in a decent society


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