Magazine September 7, 2009, Issue

Music: In Halls Great and Small

Eric Cutler in Rossini’s Moïse et Pharaon (© Clarchen Baus-Mattar and Matthias Baus)

Salzburg, Austria –

Four months ago, I reported in these pages from the Salzburg Easter Festival. Basically a weeklong affair, that is a mere bagatelle — a warmup for the main event, namely the summer festival. This festival stretches for five weeks, and features elite musicians from the world over. Elite patrons, too — and economic woes seem not to have stopped them much. The gowns, jewels, and cummerbunds are still in place.

Have a sampler of the festival — beginning with the Vienna Philharmonic, which played a concert one Monday night in the Great Festival Hall. The Vienna Phil. is lord

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Fire Public Broadcasting

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