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A Myth is as Good as a Mile

The assisted-suicide movement has come a long way in just a couple of decades. Consider, for example, this recent item from the San Francisco Chronicle: “Charlotte Shultz [the wife of ...

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Mr. Suburbia

Arlington, Va. — Sheila Johnson isn’t just any Virginia Democrat. Co-founder of Black Entertainment Television and part owner of three professional sports franchises, Johnson campaigned robustly for Barack Obama and, ...
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A Dose of Reality

It’s not every day you open up the newspaper, read that the administration’s science advisers have issued a report warning that 90,000 people may perish in an impending epidemic — ...


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Getting to the Truth

Prior to the release of every newly declassified document related to the CIA interrogation program, some horrifying detail is previewed in the press. In April, Mark Danner wrote an account ...
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All Wee-Weed Up

During last year’s presidential campaign, when it seemed likely that Barack Obama would win, conservatives would joke, “One thing’s sure: After January 20, dissent will no longer be the highest ...

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The Great Dr. K

In this book, a distinguished British historian sails amiably and skillfully into deep waters. (I should disclose that both the author and the subject have been friends of mine for ...
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Dazed and Confuzed

The drug question divides the Right. Libertarians thunder against the prosecution of victimless crimes, while traditional conservatives fear the character-corroding effects of heroin or even pot. But surely all can ...


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The Longevity of Generals I was troubled by a comment made by Victor Davis Hanson in his otherwise great review of Warren Kozak’s book LeMay: The Life and Wars of General ...
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The Week

  ‐ The bad news for Ted Kennedy is that it’s not the press that will be judging him now. ‐ We expect demagogues to be fiery, so the fact that Obama ...
The Bent Pin

Put Down Thy Pitchfork

If the season of town-hall meetings has left you shell-shocked and cringing, you are not alone. Or maybe it’s the other way around: You applauded the apoplectic convulsions of the ...
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The Marsh Birds

  I try to sense that weary flood of light The day the birds are coming through the air. A certainty now moves along their flight: There is no smell of water anywhere. Below, a ...