Magazine September 21, 2009, Issue

There Will Be Rationing

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at the vice presidential debate, October 2, 2008 (Jim Young/Reuters)
Sifting out what’s right in Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels’ hyperbole

‘Lies and distortions,” said David Axelrod in an e-mail to 13 million of the Obama faithful plus an untold number of others who were spammed. He was referring to criticisms of the Obama health-care-reform plan — criticisms that are hitting the mark, to judge by opinion polls and the near-riotous responses members of Congress have gotten at town-hall meetings.

Chief among the White House’s irritations is Sarah Palin’s accusation that Obama would create “death panels” to decide who lives and who dies. It is true that none of the bills before Congress calls for the creation of such entities, but does

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