Magazine September 21, 2009, Issue

Transcript: Interrogation of Detainee 00-287, Codenamed: MasterMind

(Carlo Allegri/Reuters )

[Present: Department of Justice Legal Supervisor; Deputy Chief Counsel, Interrogation Compliance, Department of Defense; Central Intelligence Legal Affairs Representative; Interrogator’s Personal Counsel; Detainee’s Court-Ordered Counsel; Department of Homeland Security Compliance Officer; Detainee; Interrogator.]

DETAINEE:  Death to America.

INTERROGATOR:  This is session one of the interrogation of Detainee 00-287, codenamed MasterMind. We will be discussing in this first session the current state and org-chart of al-Qaeda, its current activities in the Middle East theater, and its current plans for terrorist activity in the United States.

DETAINEE:  Death to America.

DHS COMPLIANCE OFFICER:  Please read the Statement of Compliance.

INTERROGATOR:  Okay. Here goes. Let me begin this …

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