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Celebrating Mallard Fillmore's 15th birthday

Five days after the inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama, the San Antonio Express-News announced that it would stop publishing Mallard Fillmore, a conservative comic strip. The newspaper blamed its shrinking number of pages for the move. Others suspected a different motive. Why did the Express-News cancel Mallard Fillmore and not Doonesbury, a liberal cartoon?

The editors in San Antonio were wise enough to avoid echoing what their pious counterparts at the Denver Post had once said when they tried to clip Mallard’s wings: “If we are truly committed to rebuilding a society in which we treat each other with respect and

John J. Miller, the national correspondent for National Review and host of its Great Books podcast, is the director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College. He is the author of A Gift of Freedom: How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America.

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