Magazine October 5, 2009, Issue

At What Cost to Freedom?

President Barack Obama speaks about health-care reform before a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill, September 9, 2009. (Jason Reed/Reuters)
Obama's individual mandate is a bad idea

In his address to Congress, President Obama made clear that he and his allies know how to spend your health-care money better than you do. It’s a matter, you see, of “shared responsibility”: You share your dollars with the feds, and the feds are responsible for making your decisions. In the health-care bill currently before the House (H.R. 3200), there is even a “Health Choices Commissioner,” to be appointed by the president, who will rigorously define your choices.

On “shared responsibility,” the president brooks no dissent. “Unless everybody does their part, many of the insurance reforms we seek — especially requiring

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A reader argues that drug dealers are criminals — and if drugs were legalized, they would still be criminals.


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