Magazine October 19, 2009, Issue

Iran Outlook: Grim

(Roman Genn)
The failed policies of Presidents Bush and Obama have brought us to a difficult pass

The week of September 21 was supposed to be multilateralism on parade for President Obama: attending the Climate Summit, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, chairing the Security Council, and celebrating a new international economic order with the G-20. Until Friday, everything went according to Obama’s script: grandiose speeches, paper declarations and resolutions, and, most important, the huzzahs of foreign leaders and America’s media.

But on Friday, the shadow fell. Obama scrambled to hold a previously unscheduled press conference with British prime minister Gordon Brown and French president Nicolas Sarkozy, at which they announced that Iran had constructed a uranium-enrichment facility near

John R. Bolton — Mr. Bolton is a former national-security adviser to President Trump and a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

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In a matter of about three weeks, the Left’s view of Afghanistan has gone from “the good war” to “the next Vietnam.


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