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Every-Which-Way Joe

Writing in the July/August 2007 issue of Foreign Affairs, then-candidate Barack Obama outlined his foreign-policy views. He wrote that after the financial and human cost of the Iraq War, “many ...
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Media Malpractice

On October 7, the Congressional Budget Office released a preliminary analysis of Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus’s health-care bill. The report said that the bill would net the government ...
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Naïve Statistics

Just nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama’s call for Americans to cast aside their disillusionment and frustration with Washington politics rings increasingly hollow. Many have seen his administration use ...
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Gun Nuts

Great Falls, Mont. — Long has Montana been enthusiastic on the subject of guns, but the Montana Firearms Freedom Act takes the cake.  Passed this spring by the state legislature, a ...


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Lone Star Showdown

Kay Bailey Hutchison probably wishes she could have a do-over. On August 17, at the Republican senator’s kick-off event for her gubernatorial candidacy in Texas, just about everything went wrong. ...

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A Smiling Gloominary

As a temperamental opponent of John Derbyshire — I suffer from the disease of default optimism, making me one of those he calls “poseurs wearing smiley-face masks” — I hope ...
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Intellectual Feast

The title of this big book is taken from the passage in Ecclesiastes that says “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven,” ...
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A Proper Revolution?

Infuriated by the high-church, high-Tory critiques of a British historian impertinent enough to suggest that the tercentenary of England’s Glorious Revolution of 1688 was not worth celebrating, Mrs. Thatcher’s then ...


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Smile The Straggler (the always entertaining John Derbyshire) makes a strong argument for the celebration of the 18th century (“The Glorious Eighteenth,” October 19). But P. J. O’Rourke had a wise ...
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The Week

‐ Our advice to Obama: Take that Nobel Prize money in euros, not dollars. ‐ The news of President Obama’s Nobel wiped out the news of his failure to persuade the ...
The Long View

The Long View

To: thorbjø From: Subj: Fw: Hey! Inger Marie! Thought I’d put a little bug in your ear . . . Date: 14 februar 2009 Dear Thorbjørn: Yust got dis odd e-mail vrom Amerika. Vat ...
City Desk

The Great Alexander

We are not Hollywood, yet we are dotted with camera crews: TV news vans with pop-up antennas covering celebrity appearances or disasters; movies and TV shows that want “real” urban ...
Happy Warrior

Not Cutting It

A  few weeks ago, Zachary Christie of Newark, in Joe Biden’s Grand Duchy of Delaware, joined the Cub Scouts. In the course of so doing, he acquired one of those ...