Magazine November 2, 2009, Issue

Fission, Baby, Fission!

Energy Secretary Steven Chu during a roundtable at the National Clean Energy Summit 2.0 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, August 10, 2009 (Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus/Reuters)
We need a hundred new nuclear plants

To cut carbon emissions, the House of Representatives has devised a cap-and-trade plan that also mandates a switch to renewable resources — wind, sunshine, and “biomass” — for 20 percent of our energy by 2020. Democrats on the Senate Energy Committee have proposed a similar mandate. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is threatening to cut carbon-dioxide emissions by executive order. The most certain consequence of these proposals is that they will raise prices and send jobs overseas.

I have a better suggestion. Why don’t we build 100 new nuclear reactors over the next 20 years, as we did between 1970 and 1990? …

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