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President Ronald Reagan meets with Robert Bork in the White House, October 9, 1987. (White House Photographic Collection/Wikimedia Commons)
A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments, by Robert H. Bork (ISI, 750 pp., $30)

The title of this big book is taken from the passage in Ecclesiastes that says “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven,” including “a time to speak.” Robert Bork, now 82, has been “speaking” at various times over the past half century. A Time to Speak is a collection of the best of what he has said. And it is an unusual collection. Among the “selected writings and arguments” are articles, both academic and popular, but there are also briefs filed in courts, transcripts of oral arguments before the Supreme Court, judicial

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Terry Eastland — Mr. Eastland was a publisher of The Weekly Standard. His books include Religious Liberty in the Supreme Court (1993).

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