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Film: Dark and Wild

Adapting a beloved children’s book for the screen is a difficult task. Adapting a beloved picture book, famous as much for its vivid illustrations as for its spartan plot, is ...

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What Won Virginia

  It was Sept. 17, 2009, and Virginia’s widely watched gubernatorial election had come to Tysons Corner. The contest was close, and Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds were meeting ...
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Correan War

Ecuador is not a banana republic; it is a bananas, shrimp, flowers, and oil republic. Those products are the country’s main exports, and earnings from them have declined as a ...


Politics & Policy

Unholy Union

  The Friday before Halloween, in response to requests from the public, the White House released records of the visitors it had received between January and July. George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, ...
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The Road from 1989

On Inauguration Day 1989, National Review gave a celebratory dinner in Washington at which the guests included Jeane Kirkpatrick, Bill Safire, and the Soviet ambassador and his wife. Contrary to ...

Books, Arts & Manners

Politics & Policy

China Alone?

This book says we can expect, in the near future, the loss of American preeminence, the fall of the West, and the global dominance of a Chinese civilization-state. China will ...
The Straggler

Driveway Drama

So many things to know; so many points of view; so many disagreements, so many mishaps. Compared with home ownership, politics is a breeze. We are waiting for the driveway people ...


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My Stars

On the day I was born, The unalterable stars altered. If I decided to sell lamps, It wouldn’t get dark till the day I died. Some stars. Whatever I do, I’m a failure before I ...
Happy Warrior


‘Would it not be easier,” wrote Bertolt Brecht after the East German uprising in 1953, “for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?” The thought has occurred to several ...
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Here Comes the Sun Lamar Alexander is correct to be concerned about the potential destruction of the environment in “Fisson, Baby, Fission!” (November 2). He is right about the benefits of ...
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The Week

‐ Bad election news for Republicans: Now they have to govern New Jersey. ‐ Presidents have been complaining about the press since George Washington. Smart presidents, also since Washington, do their ...
The Long View

The Long View

From the Barack Obama archives . . . November 17, 1967 Dear Miss Darmawan: I’d like to thank you, Miss Darmawan, for having me in your kindergarten class. It’s truly an honor — ...
The Bent Pin

The Bent Pin

Do not ask from whom freedom of opinion has been stolen. It has been stolen from thee.  I don’t mean all opinions; I mean the kind of opinion that just is. ...