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The Talented Mr. Moto

Terry Teachout should be sorry! How can he discuss John P. Marquand and his works (“Be Careful What You Ask For,” November 23) without any mention of Marquand’s most significant and lasting body of work, the Mr. Moto spy series? If Teachout wants to resuscitate Marquand’s writing legacy and expose a new generation to his works, he should at least mention the wonderful world of Mr. Moto. 

Marquand’s pre–World War II polite and proper Imperial Japanese superspy predates Ian Fleming’s James Bond by nearly a generation. I fell in love with Moto as a result of a 1980s series reissue. While protagonists like Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Fu Manchu may be more famous, Marquand’s lasting legacy to readers is his memorably modest Mr. Moto.

Michael Frost

Glenwood, Iowa

Partners in Redistribution

Stephen Spruiell’s excellent article in the November 23 issue, “Unholy Union,” neglected to mention what I believe is the most important reason that Andy Stern has been the White House’s most frequent visitor. Hearken back to Candidate Obama’s offhand remark to Joe the Plumber that he just wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Now cut to a recent Fox News interview with Stern wherein the union leader flatly stated that one of his principal goals has always been, and remains, the redistribution of wealth in America. 

There you go. Stern’s not there proselytizing; he’s just visiting with a kindred spirit.

Thomas M. Sullivan, Esq.

Lake George, N.Y.

Executive Operation

Charles Krauthammer is my hero; he is truly amazing. And while I agree that he is President Obama’s critic-in-chief, as your November 23 cover put it, I believe that the deft way in which he dissects the president’s arguments, policies, and proposals could also earn him the title of surgeon general. Mr. Krauthammer delivers his opinions with such finesse that I often wonder whether President Obama even feels the knife.

Mary E. Wylong

​​​​​​​Vero Beach, Fla.

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The Talented Mr. Moto Terry Teachout should be sorry! How can he discuss John P. Marquand and his works (“Be Careful What You Ask For,” November 23) without any mention of ...
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