Magazine December 21, 2009, Issue

The Long View

Tropical Storm Bill in the Gulf of Mexico in a picture from the International Space Station by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, June 15, 2015. (NASA/Reuters)

To: (undisclosedrecipients)@

From: Cardinal.Bianchi@

Date: Dec. 6, 1632

Subject: Housekeeping before the big Revolving Sun conference


Please delete all e-mails you’ve got in re: the Sun’s revolution around the Earth and our manipulation of the data to show that. I know it’s tiresome and a pain in the you-know-what, but we’re getting a lot of flak and pushback from a couple of nutjobs in the Round Earth Society, and it’s just easier to wipe the data clean.

Also: I’m noticing that some of our recent measurements of the Sun’s travel path seem to indicate that it isn’t traveling, so please adjust those numbers

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