Magazine December 21, 2009, Issue

The Week

Tiger Woods (Rob Schumacher/USA Today Sports)

• Tiger is probably glad he didn’t give his wife any pointers on how to swing a 9-iron.

• On a party-line vote, the Senate decided to start debating Harry Reid’s health-care bill. It has all the essential features of the Democratic bills that came before it: fines on Americans who do not purchase the required type of insurance policies; big unfunded mandates for state governments; a new government-run insurance program; huge increases in spending financed partly by imaginary future cuts to entitlement spending and partly by real cuts in the most market-oriented segments of federal health-care programs. What Reid has

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A review of Going Rogue: An American Life, by Sarah Palin, and The Persecution of Sarah Palin, by Matthew Continetti.



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