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Offical Transcript: White House Press Briefing

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs speaks to the press during the daily briefing in Washington, January 20, 2010. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

JANUARY 5, 2010
EXTRACT: 09:43 TO 10:17

ROBERT GIBBS: Thank you all for coming. I have just a few housekeeping items, and then a major announcement. Today the president met with his national-security team and discussed the current situation in Yemen and Iran. Later this morning, he met with his economic-policy team to review measures necessary to stimulate the economy. Later today he’ll be on a conference call with members of the House and Senate to discuss pending health-care legislation.

Q: Will he be endorsing a health-care –

ROBERT GIBBS: If I could just finish, Major? Thanks. To continue, the president will speak to

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