Magazine March 8, 2010, Issue

City of Many Worlds

(Luca Bravo/Unsplash)

Lexington Avenue begins at 21st Street, and runs pretty flat until Murray Hill in the 30s, where National Review lives. But in between is a stretch of short 19th-century buildings and ethnic stores and restaurants. When I moved to town, it had a faint Armenian aftertaste, though now it is Little India (COURIER YOUR DOCUMENTS TO INDIA FOR ONLY $18, says one sign; another offers SAREES JEWELRY EXPERT TAILORING HENNA TATTOOS). 123 Lexington Avenue houses one of the best spice and condiment stores in the country. The place still has an Armenian name; the owners are Indian; the purview is

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Zamboni Baloney

It turns out the Vancouver Olympics “electric Zambonis” are not Zambonis at all, but are manufactured by a company called Resurfice.


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