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Green Jobs And Rose-Tinted Glasses

President Obama greets a worker as he tours the Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Fabrication lab in Elyria, Ohio, January 22, 2010. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)
We are spending a lot of bucks for not much bang

After the collapse of the French Second Empire, the Paris Commune established itself as the world’s first truly socialist government. Its enlightened employment policies included, my history teacher told me, paying gangs of otherwise unemployed men to dig holes in the ground, then paying further gangs to fill them in. This policy would actually be preferable to the Obama administration’s proposed solution to widespread unemployment: green jobs. While the Communards simply threw funds away, green jobs would actively harm the rest of the economy. It would be as if the holes dug by Commune workers collapsed the walls of Paris’s

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Zamboni Baloney

It turns out the Vancouver Olympics “electric Zambonis” are not Zambonis at all, but are manufactured by a company called Resurfice.


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