Magazine March 8, 2010, Issue

The Late Lady

British actress Jean Simmons in Los Angeles, April 20, 2005 (Fred Prouser/Reuters)

Chop off another piece of my childhood. Jean Simmons died January 22, a week before her 81st birthday.

Actually her movies bridged my childhood and my girlhood and went on into my prime, making her death more psychologically significant than those of other actresses I remember. She was the first one who was not old enough to be my mother, so I developed a typical pubescent crush on her that, over time, tamped down and settled into a continuing interest and admiration, until my feelings about her gradually became part of me and the way I look at things in general.


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Zamboni Baloney

It turns out the Vancouver Olympics “electric Zambonis” are not Zambonis at all, but are manufactured by a company called Resurfice.


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