Magazine March 8, 2010, Issue

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(Roman Genn)
  • The stimulus did create at least one job in the private sector, soon to be filled by Evan Bayh.
  • A year ago, Rick Santelli, CNBC business-news reporter, asked from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade “when the tea party is.” He was reacting to the stimulus agenda of the Obama administration, and he hit a nerve. Tea parties sprang up around the country. Anderson Cooper slimed participants as “tea-baggers,” liberals called them racists who couldn’t tolerate a black president. In fact, they were ordinary Americans, some of them Obama voters (see “The Coming Tea-Party Election,” National Review,

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Zamboni Baloney

It turns out the Vancouver Olympics “electric Zambonis” are not Zambonis at all, but are manufactured by a company called Resurfice.


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