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The Descent of Liberalism

In his 1950 book The Liberal Imagination, Lionel Trilling said that “in the United States at this time liberalism is not only the dominant but even the sole intellectual tradition.” ...

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Divided by an Ocean

Once again — the fifth time in recent years, by my count — the so-called Anglo-American special relationship is being dismissed as a self-destructive illusion (self-destructive for Britain, that is) ...
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A Little Work

In Hollywood, when we say that someone has had “some good work done,” we’re talking about eye lifts.          And lip implants, tummy tucks, cheek pulls, lipo, chemical ...


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Break Up the Banks

Big banks are bad for free markets. Far from being engines of free enterprise, they are conducive to what might be called “crony capitalism,” “corporatism,” or, in Jonah Goldberg’s provocative ...

Books, Arts & Manners

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The Anointed

It is a commonplace observation that very smart people often have no sense. Writers since Aristophanes have been making sport of their intellectual superiors. Jonathan Swift had the academicians of ...
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Paul, to the Life

Sarah Ruden is a poet and translator steeped in the literature of classical Greece and Rome. Her superb translation of The Aeneid was published in 2008 by Yale University Press; ...
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Fugitive Pleasures

There were many choice sentences in the disgraceful petition that circulated among the movie industry’s elite following Roman Polanski’s long-overdue arrest, demanding the confessed sex offender’s release and pledging him ...
Country Life

Can I Help You?

We have a service economy, in part, because we no longer have servants. Carriage maintenance happened in the stables, amongst the grooms. Perhaps you even retained/owned a smith and a ...


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Monkeying with the Facts I don’t want to belabor Matthew Scully’s critical review of my book A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy, but he continues to ...
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The Week

‐ “Rum, tickling, and the lash” just doesn’t have the same ring. ‐ Chief Justice John Roberts, belatedly responding to the president’s State of the Union address, said it was “troubling” ...
The Bent Pin

Thuggery with a Smile

Tormented people are said to be “pursued by the Furies.” I am eminently qualified for membership in what, in today’s parlance, probably would be called the tormented community, but the ...
The Long View

The (Lost) Federalist Papers

  Dear Publius: Got a hypothetical question for you. Would love your insight into this. Just say, hypothetically, that Congreff is trying to enact legislation that would benefitte pretty much everyone except ...
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  THE LOCAL HARVARD MAN A character you never meet, only hear of, A music student in The Sun Also Rises Helping a negro boxer in Vienna after The crowd went crazy when he floored ...
Happy Warrior

Adolescent Thinking

‘I  see some young people in the audience,” said President Obama in Ohio the other day. Not that young. For he assured them that, under Obamacare, they’d be eligible to ...