Magazine April 5, 2010, Issue

The (Lost) Federalist Papers

Detail of a portrait of Alexander Hamilton, by John Trumbull (circa 1805) (Wikimedia Commons)
Special Obamacare Edition

Dear Publius:

Got a hypothetical question for you. Would love your insight into this. Just say, hypothetically, that Congreff is trying to enact legislation that would benefitte pretty much everyone except for the big insurance companies (although they’ll benefitte too, actually, but let that go for now) and it’s totally hard to do because the people — who, as you have mentioned and I totally totally agree with you, are super good at loads of stuff — but the people don’t like this legislation so much, and are energized against it with lots of publick demonstrations and unruly mobs &c.

So, here’s

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Actor Sean Penn says that anyone who calls Hugo Chávez a dictator should go to jail. In Venezuela, Chávez is way ahead of him.


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