Magazine April 5, 2010, Issue

The Local Harvard Man

Widener Library on the campus of Harvard University (jorgeantonio/Getty Images)

A character you never meet, only hear of,
A music student in The Sun Also Rises
Helping a negro boxer in Vienna after
The crowd went crazy when he floored the home-town
Boy, knocked him cold after two fouls –
Is called the local Harvard man by Bill
Who saw the fight, remembers being drunk
And drunkenly recalls the riot, the rescue,
The boxer escaping without his street clothes.
The drunken Osterreichers staggered home;
And Bill tells of loaning the fighter money
To travel back to his family in Cologne.
Why the fight at all, to give Bill a boxing tale,
A realistic recent past, but as remote as
The Eastern Kingdom at its

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Actor Sean Penn says that anyone who calls Hugo Chávez a dictator should go to jail. In Venezuela, Chávez is way ahead of him.


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