Magazine May 3, 2010, Issue

Transcript: Larry King Live on CCTV


APRIL 13, 2011

LARRY KING: Tomorrow night! The whole hour with Shen Shen Mao! Star of Idol of the Celestial Kingdom! From Hunan Province, hello!

CALLER: Am I on?

LARRY KING: You’re on, caller. What’s your question for our guest?

CALLER: I would like to know, sir, if your guest has taken up any hobbies since stepping down from his post?

LARRY KING: Great question. Hu — can I call you Hu? –

HU JINTAO: You may. Although it should be noted that Hu is my last name.

LARRY KING: But it comes first? Don’t get that.

HU JINTAO: Larry, in Mandarin, the family name always goes first.


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