Magazine May 17, 2010, Issue

Child Misuse

Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl (Lionsgate)
A review of Kick-Ass

The parents of Chloe Moretz, the cute-as-a-button child star of the new action movie Kick-Ass, are an Atlanta plastic surgeon named McCoy Moretz and his wife, Teri. Remember those names: If a would-be Dante Alighieri ever produces an Inferno for the new millenium, McCoy and Teri are prime candidates to occupy a hellish circle all their own. Readers will probably encounter them somewhere between the misers and the pimps, in the bubbling ditch of melted-down Oscar trophies reserved for showbiz parents who profit from their own children’s corruption.

Kick-Ass is a superhero film — or, more aptly, it’s yetanothersuperherofilm in an

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Even if the new law does not work against illegals, maybe it will keep liberals out of Arizona.


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