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Governor Freeze

New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie celebrates his win at election night headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey November 3, 2009. (Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters)
In New Jersey, Chris Christie shows it is possible to stop rampant public-employee wage growth

Last month, Bergen County Education Association officials sent out a memo that closed with a jokey prayer for New Jersey governor Chris Christie to die.

What raised the ire of the BCEA’s leaders? Christie’s proposal to balance the state budget without tax increases by cutting $11 billion in spending, including $820 million in funding for local schools — and his call for teachers to accept a one-year pay freeze so that the funding cuts don’t result in program reductions.

A freeze might sound draconian, but the data support Christie’s position, especially in New Jersey, where teachers are especially well paid. Garden State

Josh Barro — Mr. Barro is the Walter B. Wriston fellow at the Manhattan Institute. His research is focused on state and local fiscal policy.

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