Magazine May 17, 2010, Issue

Those Blue-Blooded Rednecks

(Darren Gygi)
In which plutocrats pretend the tea partiers are plutocratic

Idiots! Racists! McCarthyites! Fascists! Uh . . . never mind.       

That, roughly speaking, is the evolution of the tea parties in the liberal imagination. Individual assessments may vary (e.g. first racists, then idiots), but as a generalization, it works.

Let’s have a quick flashback. In February of 2009, CNBC’s Rick Santelli went into an on-air rant about how the stimulus package should prompt protests like the original Boston Tea Party. Boom: Almost overnight, informal tea-party-themed protests popped up across the country.

After an initial surge in ironic “teabagging” jokes, reporters and liberal commentators were completely flummoxed as to why so

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Even if the new law does not work against illegals, maybe it will keep liberals out of Arizona.


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