Magazine June 7, 2010, Issue

Poisoned Chalice

Cameron and Clegg arrive at their first joint press conference, May 12, 2010. (Christopher Furlong/PA Wire)
In the U.K., Cameronism is already on the road to failure

Politics is the art of the plausible. Only two weeks after the British electorate ushered in the apparent uncertainty of a hung parliament, the Lib-Dem-Con coalition cobbled together from the disappointed Tories and the third-place Liberal Democrats has already acquired an aura of inevitability. This aura has been created in part by the leaders of the two parties. Though politically at odds (at least until the polls closed), Tory David Cameron and Lib-Dem Nick Clegg are socially almost identical: both rich, both well-connected, both graduates of famous public (i.e., private) schools and Oxbridge, both married to stylish, successful career women,

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Evicting the Constitution

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