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The Other National Debt

About that $14 trillion national debt: Get ready to tack some zeroes onto it. Taken alone, the amount of debt issued by the federal government — that $14 trillion figure ...

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Use What You Got

It’s not news that Americans have a deep-seated fear of efforts by the state to register and document the citizenry. During the 1996 immigration debate, open-borders activists lobbied Congress with ...
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Oslo, Norway – Lech Walesa sits in the Grand Hotel, here in the Norwegian capital: This is the hotel in which Nobel peace laureates traditionally stay, when they pick up their ...


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Talking Cures

Republicans are campaigning this year on a pledge to repeal Obamacare — and who can blame them? The Democrats are slathering another layer of bureaucracy onto the medical sector, an ...
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Mend the Fed

Last month, delegates to Maine’s state Republican convention junked the party’s proposed platform in favor of one promoted by tea-party activists. While a majority of its planks are unremarkable conservative ...

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Islamism Resurgent

The very notion of a Muslim America might seem preposterous, downright laughable, but there are people and forces identifiably working towards that end. “Islamism” is the term that describes the ...
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Will and Grace

The too-brief life of the German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer has been the subject of much film and literary interest in recent years, and Eric Metaxas’s insightful biography of ...
The Straggler

Follow the Fleet

Fleet Week! For a few days, the rather distinctly unmilitary inhabitants of New York City find that in hurrying from one commercial deal to another, one fashion show to another, ...


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Taking the Supply Side Why is Kevin D. Williamson caving in to parochial calculations by accountant economists of the revenue effects of tax cuts (“Goodbye Supply-Side,” May 3)? Has he no idea ...
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The Week

‐ If that unpaid advisory job is still open, we hear Arlen Specter is available. ‐ The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico April 20 ...
The Long View

Presidential Daily Briefing

All Hail the Great and Powerful, Merciful and Magnificent! Blessings on He Who Commands the Earth and the Seas and the Heavens! 1. “Deep Horizon” Oil Platform Leak Obviously, sir, the people still ...
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He was not a brawler, or vain, But came up in a time and class Where a youth of exceptional beauty Had to prove himself — man to man – Time and again. Nearsightedness Made ...
Happy Warrior

Judenhass in the Med

It was one of those stories people followed at airports and railway stations — not exactly 9/11 or the death of the Princess of Wales, but not a routine story ...