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Sources of the Crisis

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The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy, by Richard A. Posner (Harvard, 408 pp., $25.95)

Richard Posner is an American phenomenon, like the Grand Canyon or Silicon Valley. Now 71, he graduated summa cum laude from Yale at age 20 and magna cum laude three years later from Harvard Law School, where he was first in his class and editor of the Harvard Law Review. He has written almost 40 books as well as innumerable law-review articles and articles in other periodicals. The Journal of Legal Studies (of which he was the founding editor) has called Posner the most cited legal scholar of all time. Since 2004, he has co-authored (with the Nobel economist Gary

John Gordon — Mr. Gordon, a historian, is the author of, among other books, An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power.

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