Magazine July 5, 2010, Issue

It’s Complicated

(Larry Downing/Reuters)
The world will belong to those who can explain why it must not be entrusted to central planners

The public’s support for vigorous financial regulation is a wake-up call for conservatives who imagined that the tea party signaled the triumph of conservative ideas. Much as with health-care reform, where the public opposed the administration’s bill but supported its promised benefits, a Rasmussen poll in late May found the public opposed to the financial-reform bill, 46 percent to 37 percent, even while an earlier ABC News–Washington Post poll showed that stricter regulation of major financial companies commanded more than two-to-one popular support.

Even more ominously for conservative populism, an April Pew survey found that the central tea-party idea, that modern

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Helen Thomas was a fixture — a reporter for 40 years, a columnist for ten — always a plus in Washington. She was a left-wing scold: another plus.


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