Magazine July 5, 2010, Issue

The Long View

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper leave after holding a news conference in Palo Alto, Calif., after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, October 12, 2007. (Kimberly White/Reuters)

Dear Rusty,

Can I come stay with you, just for a couple of weeks, while I figure out where I’m going to live?

Yeah, I know this is awkward. And I know that you don’t have that much room down there in your tent on the Orinoco River. And I promise to bring only the essentials this time — just my Kindle and my MacBook Pro and my iPhone and my Oscar.


As you probably have read, Tipper and I are separating. I know: unexpected. I mean, we were in many ways the perfect couple.

People keep asking me, what happened? My friends in

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The Week

Helen Thomas was a fixture — a reporter for 40 years, a columnist for ten — always a plus in Washington. She was a left-wing scold: another plus.


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