Magazine August 2, 2010, Issue

The Revolution Eats Itself

Gone cannibal (Roman Genn)
Kos and Olby at daggers drawn

MSNBC and the blog Daily Kos are arguably the two axes along which pop progressivism maneuvers. Forged in the crucible of impotent liberal rage that was the post-Iraq Bush administration, by the 2008 election season the pair had evolved into the pistons of a well-oiled political noise machine. Kos’s guerrilla bloggers and MSNBC’s talking heads digested and regurgitated the messaging of base-agitators such as, making it fit for (relatively) mass consumption en route to the docket of the Democratic congressional caucus.

But ever since MSNBC and Kos saw their man installed in Washington, they’ve found their message competing for time

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