Magazine August 2, 2010, Issue

Russia’s Nesting Dolls

Vicky Peláez: a spy for Russia, a cheerleader for Castro, Guzmán, and the rest of that crowd (AP)
Anna, Vicky, and other spies among us

You may remember a classic scene from a classic movie, My Cousin Vinny — made way back in 1992. Vinny and his fiancée Mona Lisa, New Yorkers to the core, are in a small Alabama town. He says, “You stick out like a sore thumb around here.” She says, “Me? What about you?” He says, “I fit in better than you. At least I’m wearing cowboy boots.” “Oh, yeah,” she says, with weary sarcasm, “you blend.”

Those Russian spies recently shipped back to the Motherland didn’t especially blend. They were supposed to be sleepers, blenders — melting with practiced skill into

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