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Tony the Terrible

BP chief executive Tony Hayward at a conference in Washington, D.C., March 4, 2008 (Larry Downing/Reuters)

The American WASP is back, as loathed and resented as ever. Newscasters are not yet calling us WASPs because the acronym for white Anglo-Saxon Protestant more or less faded away after the ethnic-awareness movement of the ’70s and millions of younger Americans may not know what it means, so the cable cabal have found a suitable substitute: A WASP is the “blue-eyed blond” who would not be stopped by Arizona state troopers looking for illegal aliens.

References to this blue-eyed blond have become ubiquitous lately but they have nothing to do with our border problems. I know a code word when

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A Revolt in Cuba

A Revolt in Cuba

Last month, thousands of Cubans poured into the streets, daring to protest the government that has ruled them for 60-plus years.