Magazine August 16, 2010, Issue

The Prize Fighter

At NR’s 30th-anniversary party, October 22, 1985, again at the Plaza; principal speaker: President Reagan. Left to right: George Will, Nancy Reagan, Norman Podhoretz, and WFB
Norman Podhoretz: A Biography, by Thomas L. Jeffers (Cambridge, 393 pp., $35)

‘It’s important to have enemies, because everything depends on the kind of enemies you have,” Norman Podhoretz once told Cynthia Ozick. It is the kind of quote you would expect from a politician, not a magazine editor with a literary bent. Yet this influential and contentious intellectual has certainly made his share of enemies over the years, and they largely have been the right kind of enemies.

Along with William F. Buckley Jr. and Irving Kristol, Podhoretz stands as one of the most important architects of conservatism in the late 20th century. With Kristol, Podhoretz is a founding father of that

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