Magazine August 16, 2010, Issue

Therapist’s Notes

Andrew Breitbart speaks at a news conference. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)
Media-ordered therapy, result of Shirley Sherrod video

Patient: Andrew Breitbart

First Session:

Therapist greets patient, who arrives with three BlackBerrys. Patient is pleasant and good-humored, seems aware of his surroundings, is able to carry on simple transactional conversations. Patient, to therapist’s surprise, is not tortured by hate.

He seems to understand why he’s here, which is important in the work that we do. He understands that the Media have the power to compel treatment, and he understands that our work here is part of a general process to make his work more palatable and mainstream. Patient smiles affably during this conversation and seems to genuinely want to be rehabilitated in

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