Magazine August 30, 2010, Issue

The “Grounder”

Sultanahmet mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, August 7, 2010 (Osman Orsal/Reuters)
Congregation Newsletter from the Ground Zero Mosque

What’s Going On at the GZM This Week?

Prayer Rugs for the Needy

We’re collecting prayer rugs for the needy. Please put all gently worn prayer rugs in the bin right next to the Stoning Wall. We’ll be distributing them next Thursday, so please make sure to put your donation in the bin before then.

Newlyweds Social Group

Just got married? Confused about what happens next? It’s hard to make a marriage work in 2010, and we’re here to help. For guys, we talk in an open and supportive environment about learning your wife’s name, understanding her limitations, and beating her with a bag

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