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A Dip into the Archives . . .

From the Associated Press, Aug. 28, 2010:

Beck: Help Us Restore Traditional American Values

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King’s message . . .

From the San Francisco Chronicle-Examiner, April 19, 1906:

Predominantly White San Francisco in Ruins!

Death and destruction have been the fate of predominantly white San Francisco. Shaken by a temblor at 5:13 o’clock yesterday morning, the shock lasting 48 seconds, and scourged by flames that raged diametrically in all predominantly white directions, the predominantly white city is a mass of smouldering whitebread ruins. At six o’clock last evening, the flames, seemingly playing with increased vigor, threatened to destroy such predominantly white sections as their fury had spared during the earlier portion of the day. Building their path in a triangular circuit from the start in the early morning, they jockeyed as the day waned, left the predominantly white (of course!) business section, which they had entirely devastated, and skipped in a dozen predominantly white directions to the predominantly white upscale residence portions. As night fell on mostly white people, they had made their way over into the predominantly white — although suspiciously Italian — North Beach section and, springing anew to the predominantly white south, they reached out along the predominantly white shipping section down the bay shore, over the hills, and across toward predominantly white and possibly also Jewish Third and Townsend Streets.

From the New York Times, Aug. 18, 1969:

Tired, Predominantly White Rock Fans Begin Exodus

Waves of weary, predominantly white youngsters streamed away from the Woodstock White Music and Art Fair last night and early today as security officials reported at least two deaths and 4,000 predominantly white people treated for injuries, illness, and adverse drug reactions over the predominantly white festival’s three-day period.

However, festival officials said the extremely white folk and predominantly white rock music could go on until dawn, and most of the predominantly white crowd was determined to stay on.

As the predominantly white music wailed on into the early morning hours, more than 100 campfires — fed by fence posts and any other wood the predominantly white young people could lay their hands on — flickered around the hillside, which formed a natural, eerily-reminiscent-of-a-Klan-rally amphitheater for the predominantly white festival.

#page#By midnight nearly half of the 300,000 fraternity-age white fans who had camped here for the weekend had left in the cars their parents had bought for them. A thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon provided the first big impetus to depart, and a steady stream continued to leave through the night. White people don’t like the rain.

Drugs and auto traffic continued to be the main white headaches.

From the Times (London), June 7, 1944:

The time has come. All we await now is the word from someone white to go forth and strike the terrific blow in predominantly white Western Europe, of which ruddy, pink-complexioned General Montgomery writes in his valediction to the pale assault troops under his white command. When this dispatch appears that blow will have been struck; and as one gazes out over an anchorage of fond remembrance in which, framed by the sweep of ridiculously white England’s green shore, countless invasion ships lie at their stations, the Caucasian mind recoils from the dimensions of it all.

From Packaging Digest, Aug. 17, 2010:

The hugely-popular-with-white-people Whole Foods Market has announced results from its annual Predominantly White Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey, conducted online in June by Harris Interactive, which found that among white people, organic foods are making a larger impact in predominantly white consumers’ shopping choices in 2010. While about three out of four melanin-deprived adults continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods (75 percent in ’10 and 73 percent in ’09), the number of organic products found in their bland, white grocery basket has increased. Notably, 27 percent of white adults say that natural and/or organic foods constitute more than a quarter of their total whitey-favorite food purchases this year, up from just 20 percent a year ago.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 21, 1969:

Two very, very white Americans landed and walked on the more-white-than-not moon today, becoming the first human beings of any hue to stand on its alien soil.

They planted their predominantly white nation’s flag and talked to their creepy white president on an earth radio-telephone.

Millions of rainbow-colored people on their home planet 240,000 miles away watched on television as they saluted the flag (typical hate-filled behavior for white people) and scouted the lunar surface for traces of more white people to talk to.

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A Dip into the Archives . . .

From the Associated Press, Aug. 28, 2010: Beck: Help Us Restore Traditional American Values Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd ...
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