Magazine October 4, 2010, Issue

And All That Mighty Heart Is Lying Still

(RussieseO/Getty Images)
The Brookhisers stroll an empty metropolis

Sunday of a three-day weekend and the city was empty. How empty was it? When we turned out the front door of our apartment building, there was hardly a soul on the street. No doormen or porters, even to hose down the sidewalk; no nannies or parents at the tots’ school; no kids at the high school. No poor at the welfare office, no sick at the dialysis unit, no drunks at the rib place. Anyone and Anything had gone Elsewhere. The only person was a young bum, sitting on the sidewalk, pounding an upturned plastic pail. Thoreau heard a

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The Week

After all those years promoting rainbows, Jesse Jackson has settled on a color he really likes: green.


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