Magazine October 4, 2010, Issue

Fed Up

Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan gives a double thumbs up as he leaves the stage at a rally in Nashua, N.H., February 18, 1996.

Optimists don’t mind if you eavesdrop on them. They welcome it, in fact, because it helps them spread their fiendish gospel. Here is what the one behind me in the supermarket line told her morose teenager:

“Stop saying you’re fed up! You’ll never get anywhere that way.”

Oh, I don’t know. I’ve done pretty well as a professional fed-up. The tools of my trade so far have been irony, tongue-in-cheek mockery, and supercilious contempt, but these are highly civilized weapons designed for 18th-century French salons. If you are fed up with 21st-century America you need something sturdier, like a meat cleaver.

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After all those years promoting rainbows, Jesse Jackson has settled on a color he really likes: green.


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