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The Source of Their Rage

Pastor Terry Jones is pursued by the media as he leaves a news conference after announcing the burning of the Korans will continues as planned in Gainesville, Fla., September 8, 2010. (Scott Audette/Reuters)
It isn’t kooks like Pastor Jones

The news that Terry Jones, a Gainesville, Fla., pastor with a flock of all of 50 souls, might stage a ceremonial Koran burning during prime time on September 11 roiled the nation and much of the world. The U.S. commanding general in Afghanistan, the secretaries of defense and state, the attorney general, and the president himself each personally and publicly weighed in against Jones. Protests came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as from Al-Azhar University, the Saudi-based Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and Muslim World League, the Egyptian and Jordanian Muslim Brotherhoods, and the famous Islamic

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After all those years promoting rainbows, Jesse Jackson has settled on a color he really likes: green.


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