Magazine October 18, 2010, Issue

Education: 2010: U. Topia

(Darren Gygi)
Liberals envision a perfect world, and it looks a lot like campus

Making the perfect the enemy of the good has ignited fires in the minds of men since before togas were the hot new fashion. The word we generally ascribe to this practice, “utopianism,” is actually of fairly recent coinage. Thomas More created the word “utopia” by combining the Greek words for “no” and “place” in his satirical tale of that name in 1516. The title was part of the joke, in that the perfect society does not — cannot — exist, at least not in this life.

Alas, lots of people never got it. From Plato’s republic to Homer Simpson’s “Land

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I have long thought Steyn one of the best writers in America. Now I now know him to be a seer as well.


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