Magazine November 1, 2010, Issue

Action-Game Activism

From the Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer (Via YouTube)

We’re told the election will be about the economy. As in, “We would like to have one again.” No luxuries like social issues: When businesses can hire without worrying that parental leave will be extended to include caring for a puppy, we can get back to arguing over whether we’re in a moral swamp up to our knees, or our necks.

Doesn’t mean we can’t kick back and indulge a little social-issue action just for relaxation. Time magazine served up a good one recently, writing about a video game that’s violent AND degrades women! But not how you’d think. It’s called

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The Week

If Congress wants to prosecute those who accept foreign money, Tim Geithner had better keep a suitcase packed.


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