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In the Irish Stew

Graffiti on a wall in Dublin, Ireland, April 7, 2009 (Cathal McNaughton/Reuters)
This small nation presents the global financial crisis in microcosm

Anyone who remembers the Dublin of the 1960s, when Ireland had barely emerged from its decades of self-inflicted penury, will look about him in the city of today and ask, “Crisis? What crisis?”

True, it is not difficult to find shiny new offices standing empty of tenants; cranes motionless by the skeletons of half-completed buildings; whole estates of new houses that have no buyers. Shops hope to attract customers by discounting goods; restaurants in which it was once difficult to find a table are closing. But still the city is far from those grim and grimy days, when nothing seemed to

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Anthony Daniels — Mr. Daniels, a retired doctor who worked in several parts of the world, is the author of Mass Listeria, a book about health scares.

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If Congress wants to prosecute those who accept foreign money, Tim Geithner had better keep a suitcase packed.


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