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The Price of Zero Intolerance

A sign on an abandoned, foreclosed and boarded-up property in Boston, Massachusetts, May 13, 2008. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)
An epidemic of building-squatting afflicts Amsterdam -- and the liberal officialdom can scarcely muster a shrug

Three hundred hooded men in black recently gathered in the 17th-century center of Amsterdam to demonstrate against tyranny, oppression, and “the gentrification of our cities.” (At least, they were probably men — it was hard to be sure, since many had outfits less revealing than most burqas.) They angrily brandished banners reading “Your laws are not our laws,” and they had a particular law in mind: one that has just come into effect in the Netherlands and, as of the First of October, makes squatting — occupying a building against the wishes of its owners — a criminal offense, punishable

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