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Last Official Transcript: Larry King Live

Larry King on CNN’s Larry King Live, April 26, 2001. (Reuters)

LARRY KING: My final show! The final hour! From Oakland, California! Hello!

CALLER: Hi Larry. I just want to ask your guest if he has any regrets.

LARRY KING: So, what about it? Regrets? Spent too much time interviewing celebs and not enough time interviewing important folks?

LARRY KING: No, Larry, I don’t. The world’s most fascinating people — from Vladimir Putin all the way down to Liza Minnelli — they all have something wonderful to say. Something wonderful to teach us.

LARRY KING: So what did you learn from Liza Minnelli?

LARRY KING: To always smell the guest’s coffee cup.

LARRY KING: And what did

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