Magazine December 31, 2010, Issue

‘The Man with the Mustache’

(Stan Honda/AFP/Getty/Newscom)
John Bolton: Goldwaterite, Reaganaut, and phenomenon

Two summers ago, National Review took one of its cruises, this one to the Eastern Mediterranean. We had several hundred passenger-readers aboard, and a slate of speakers. One of them was John Bolton, the lawyer and foreign-policy official. On the platform, he was really wowin’ ’em, with his hard-hitting foreign-policy analyses. Over the next couple of days, our passengers kept murmuring, “Bolton is really fantastic. He’s just the kind of man we need. Wouldn’t it be great if he ran for president?” The next time we were on the platform, I said to the audience, “I’ve been hearing a lot

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Teapot Tempest

If you wanted a vivid sense of the scene in 1980s Pakistan and Afghanistan when the United States was sponsoring the mujahideen insurgency against the USSR, you could not have ...
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Salt of the Earth

On November 2, the American electorate delivered a stinging rebuke to Pres. Barack Obama and the Democrats. According to a post-election survey conducted for the Faith and Freedom Coalition by ...


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REFLECTIONS Villanelle # 30 From the initial moment of surprise      By piercing light they never had expected,      The Magi mulled the meaning of the skies. Was the betrayal worse, or were the lies?      What in her ...


Anthony Burgess, the brilliant British novelist remembered for the misunderstood A Clockwork Orange, also wrote a spy novel. It was the height of the Bond era, and he couldn’t resist ...
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Concerning the First-Cause Argument Edward Feser writes in his review of Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow’s The Grand Design (“Mad Scientists,” November 29): Like the village atheist whose knowledge of theology derives ...
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The Week

‐ “I had a good time governing,” said Bill Clinton at the presidential press conference he took over. You don’t say . . . ‐ President Obama has not taken the ...